The Star

I just finished up this new piece last night.  The Star is part of an ongoing series I like to call “Monsters with Magic Shapes,” (MwMS) and The Star make piece number 7!  MwMS is a very personal series inspired by dreams and meditations, exploring colorful worlds through imagination exercises hoping to invoke inspiration in the arts as well as to touch base with a more spiritual nature.

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Anime Central 2018! New Art! New Products!

Hey Friends!

I am super stoked to announce that I’ll have a booth in Artist Alley at Anime Central!  I’ve been super busy working on new prints as well as lots of new merchandise.   I can’t wait to share some of the new things with you however, I will wait until after the convention to show any remaining merchandise.

For now, here are my two latest prints:

Big changes to my online shop!

Hi Friends!

I’m super psyched about some new stuff happening on my webstore!  First of all, I added 4×6 inch prints since many folks out there enjoy this size.  Secondly, I added a new sections for mini canvas, these prints are stretched over a 5×7 inch wooden frame.  Each one comes with a mounting bracket to easily hang wherever you may desire.  Thirdly, I’m having a big sale on T-shirts! Finally, and this is what I’m super psyched about, new enamel pins!  They turned out super cute and I’m very pleased with how well they turned out.

One final update, I now ship worldwide!  I’ve had a few people contact me from out of the country wanting to place an order and now you easily can!

Thanks for your continual support of my wacky work!


New Website is up!

Hello Friends!

I recently needed to migrate to a different hosting account and with that I decided to change up the site. Please pardon any issues while I iron out the kinks.